First Review

First review for me is a weather app called Foreca Weather. Not new or newly released but one of the first applications that I load onto my S60v3 devices.

After opening ForecaWeather it will fetch a newly updated forecast;

The only way to stop it from automatically updating is by hitting Cancel or if it is within the un-expired time to refresh from Settings. Once it has the updated information you are presented with a screen showing you the current conditions;

By moving left or right on the d-pad you can move to a Short Forecast;

and a Long Forecast with less detailed information;

The main feature that I use ForecaWeather for is the ability to insert a memo into the calender that will show up on the Active Standby screen!

It also has the ability to display animated weather radar, cloud movement, heat spots and other fun to watch pictures however they will increase the amount of information downloaded each time.. With just weather for a single location, the amount of data transferred is claimed to be 1kb as seen in the first picture. This is very conservative for those not on an unlimited data plan and it also stores a full 2 week forecast.

The newest release is GPS aware and will download forecasts based on your location. ForecaWeather costs a one time $19.95 fee for a single license. No monthly charges whatsoever.


foomfoom said...

Nice review. What theme is that?

oddsocks said...

Thanks for the comment. Theme is called Infinity. Here is a download link.

cramp said...

I have an N95. How do I get that info to display on active standby? I activated the memo feature. Does it only generate one memo per day? Does the application have to be kept running for this memo to be generated?

Thanks for the review oddsocks! Running the 3-day trial now. But at $25+ for a 1-year license, that's asking a lot. Maybe if it was only a one time fee . . .


oddsocks said...

Thanks for the comment, cramp.

Yes, it will only generate one memo per day, and will only update when you open the application. Make sure to-do, calendar or appointments are enabled on your Active Standby screen. Then check your calendar to ensure that the memo's are being written. If that fails, roll your date fowards by one day and see if they show up.

cramp said...

Alright, changed the date ahead one day and there it was. I'm planning on getting a 5800 and then an N97 whenever the heck those NAM versions ever get released. You have any idea if I pay for the 1-year subscription if I can use the license code on other devices?

And thanks for your prompt response. Nice to finally have some sort of weather data on the active standby screen.


oddsocks said...

Glad that it's working for you now.

I have no idea if they'll allow you to swap devices, I don't see why not - you're paying for it for 1 year, but I honestly don't know what their EULA actually says in terms of license portability.


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