N82 Aftermath.

Here's my take on the N82 that I received from the S60 Ambassador program.

I received the packge from DHL;


I quickly tore into it like David Hasselhoff at the beach revealing the N82 all tip top 'n' boxed up. It had a much nicer cover than my E71. I like the sliding cover that gives details about the device and the hipster background pictures;


Opening up the box, I'm hit again with the pop culture pictures on the inside, no big deal. It actually makes me feel as if I have a device that might be useful for being a social butterfly. Who can argue with that;


The device is covered with a plastic shield force-field to confuse you as you paw for it. Can't...get...oh, there's plastic around it. Lifting the flap helps to reveal the accessories and gives you access to the phone, and here it is;


Buttons are small, screen is large. Housing is very plasticy and has a cheap feel - but it looks good from the front and sides. The back has a liney design on it that looks like it should be indented for grip, but alas it is not and I simply don't like it. The upper d-pad and soft key area is very cluttered; the media/gallery key should be done away with. I often found myself smashing the raised button when attempting to select the right soft key or removing an incorrectly predicted text with the 'C' button. I'll address the T9 implementation later! The one aspect I do appreciate about the N82 hardware - is the flat button. I hate raised buttons on the sides of a device as they tend to get snagged when removing or inserting it into a pocket or case. The buttons are flush and still provide solid feedback indicating that they have been pressed.

Inside the box there are a slew of cables and cords. I got an 2mm EU charger with mine for some reason, tangled up in the box is a TV-OUT/composite cable, microusb data cable, 3.5mm headphones with in-line mic and media controls.;


Yes those are my pants, and yes they have newsprint on them. Be jealous.

Getting back to the device, it ships with a BP-6MT battery which is rated at 1050mAH, plenty of power for this device in my opinion...that is if you can get the battery cover off. There's a small nub that must be depressed while sliding the cover, remember those lines that you imagine would be useful for grip if they were indented into the cover? Yeah, those useful ones. The cover is smooth and slippery, you might as well coat your fingers in crisco while trying to remove it.

On the software side, the N82 is like any other N-series S60v3FP1 device. Confusing but powerful. Customizable yet limited. The first thing I did? Update to the newest firmware and get to installin' apps. I decided to give it a quick try-out before I loaded it down, everything ran fast...dare I say faster than my E71. Yes. Tasks with the system and menu loading was actually faster than my E71. I had tons of apps on the E71 and I never noticed any degraded performance. So I decided to do the same with the N82. I tossed on my regular needed applications which include Psiloc Font Magnifier (I actually only decrease font size with it), SEVEN, Conversation and loaded a map for Nokia Maps. I did performed a reboot --  up it came and it was disgustingly slow. System tasks were still quick and snappy but navigating through SMS and emails was a pain. I hard reset and everything was fine again.

I decided to leave it at that and try out the camera. I flicked open with shutter button with enough pizazz to put David Copperfield to shame and started snapping one offs. It was clean. Shots were clear, they weren't grainy or out of focus or blurry like 90% of the camera phones out there. Neat-o! I'm sure you've all used the camera and are very happy with it. I, myself, am not a big picture kinda guy so that's the extent of my N82 camera usage.

I really enjoyed the accellerometer in the device, however I found it a bit too sensitive - often times I was holding the device at waist level and it would auto-rotate. I also wonder if there's an issue with battery life as the screen also rotates when the device is in power saver mode. I absolutely despise the T9 implementation. Almost every other device I have used without a QWERTY has had a pop-up drop-down with a suggestions of words for selection. Either I am a complete fool and was unable to find it or it doesn't exist. I can't understand the reasoning behind this. C'mon, Sony Ericsson has had this on their "feature phones" for ages now. Anyways, that's all.

The N82 will be going back in the box and back to the Amby team well before my trial is over. The bad T9 in S60, tiny navigational d-pad area and mini-me chiclet 12 key have effectively stopped me from using the device. No matter how good the camera is, I can barely use it as a mobile phone. If I find myself 'oot-n-aboot' on leisure; I take the N82 to give it a chance for the device to grow on me.


tim said...

Congrats! The N82 is a great phone, hopefully you enjoy it!

Donovan, Prom1 said...

Hey Oddsocks,

Whens your next blog post going to be? Looking forward to it.

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