New service? Emoroom?

I stumbled across which is a weird service touted for "couples". It documents calls, messages and such between your two handsets. It can also remotely vibrate and turn on/off display of the handsets. . Here's an excerpt from their FAQ which is pretty damn weird.

"All of the partners phone conversations, all of the text messages, MMS-es, e-mails and tunes they exchange will be stored on a private web page no one but them will have access to."

"Our calendar was inspired by a Buddhist prayer book and is supposed to remind you how important it is to be together and to care about one another."

I guess if you want to run patterns of your communication and time spent 'together' while physically apart it might be useful?

I am also still waiting for my N82. Was a small hold up with DHL shipping but it's been cleared up. I'm also told it's not pre-loved.


Nikki said...

Can't wait to hear what you think about the N82. I am loving the E71 HARD. Except for the camera and the 3.5mm port. I really miss those.

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