S60 Report of the Week

I won S60 Report of the Week. Quite a surprise to me. I knew I was doing good with my reports but not this good! Main reason I started up this blog was to report of S60 and Nokia doings. On one of my recent S60 Ambassador reports I got some feedback directly from the S60 team that warmed my heart...or it might have been the hot chocolate and Bailey's I was drinking. Either way, it went a little something like this;

"Hahaha great report once again - true comedian. I hope you write your own blog or something, the writing style is excellent."

And here I am with my own blog of some sorts. So, I'm completely stoked to try out the old-but-new-to-me N82. It was a choice between an E71 or N82. I certainly would have liked one of their new flagship devices (N96 or N85 anybody?) but this is still beyond neat.

I will post when my loaner arrives and we'll see what happens next. I'm on the rise. For the time being, if there are any readers (if I indeed have readers) that would like anything, a software review or the likes - drop me a line; simon@series60.ca and you can be hooked up. I am also giving out free series60.ca email addresses. Check if you qualify!



Ambassadore said...

Congratulations on the win! Great job.

Oh man.. did you really have to get series60.ca for a domain name? For one, it's called S60. Worse, S60 is going away as a brand-name starting Jan 1.

If you want to write about Nokia stuff suggest consider calling your blog something else. And might as well think about the future and call it something smart so you can write about other things too, if you feel like it someday.

Good luck in any case! Peace.

oddsocks said...

Thanks for the congrats and for the feedback. We all know S60 is Series 60, regardless of how the brand is marketed. The whole UIQ, S60, Symbian thing is whack and hopefully it gets sorted out properly with the Symbian Foundation.

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