BB Connect on E71

So BB Connect for E90 will install on the E71 - with a few slight modifications. It will not properly submit a registration and PIN request. So to install BB Connect on your E71, you can follow these directions.

Firstly, you'll need full FS access+patched installserver on the E71. You can do this using HelloCarbide on original firmware or HelloOx on 200.xx firmware. Sign it and install it, it's really that simple. You will need a certificate with 17 levels of TCB access to sign it; email me your IMEI or visit

Next you will need ROMPatcher with autorun feature and the C2Z patch. Move the C2Z patch to E:patches. You will also need to move sw.txt into C:RESOURCEversions - this will identify your device an as "E90" when the BB Connect installation is being completed.

Now that you have completed this, you can install BB Connect for E90 by using ROMPatcher to enable C2Z which will cause a re-direct of certain files normally stored in Z: to C: which you now have full RW access to.

Open the BBConnect SISX and install it. It will complete and ask you to turn on BB Connect. Do so. Check your HRT and enable that you have access to the BB backhaul and a APN. Attempt to register by selecting the left soft key and clicking "Register Now". Nothing will happen. This is being investigated.

If any of you have an E90, wifi and know how to work a packet sniffer, I'd appreciate if you contacted me to see if we can force a request packet to be processed. has a zip with all required files.


madjsp said...

any luck with the packet sniffer and such?

zirp said...


i try to follow your instruction, but i still have "Update error!" message during installation. Because zip file has no sw.txt i try to create one myself. My phone is a

Nokia 80

by *#0000# test now, bur still no luck.
can you propagate your sw.txt, please?
or any other idea?

simba said...

yeah, would be awesome if this could be fixed..

prom1 said...

Nice work Oddsocks! Great to see you posted a nice installation guide. Now we just got to see what or why RIM is blocking this via the NOC.

rspray said...

I don't know if this is any farther than where other people have gotten, but I actually received the "Activate Blackberry" instructions via a BlackBerry Message after setting this up (BES) and attempting to activate. Problem is I still have a blank PIN, so it won't completely activate. I also have a crazy looking logo (4 pointed star) in the upper-right hand corner that won't go away now, even with BB Connect turned off.

dimsumgirl said...

I'm trying to do this download process, but when I get to your site
I can't read the Chinese, and when I put in my IMEI it doesn't seem to give me anything.
I'm no good with all this techie stuff, but I really want to be able to connect with BB phones! I 'm also not sure what the "C2Z patch" is.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

MickU said...

Hi I tried this on N95 and it sort of worked (almost installed) what happens is I get System error right at end and a text message then istallation complete all I guess is the series have some file in them that is needed by installer anyone know what that possibly might be. THANKS

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