GSync Review

I do a lot of text messaging. While I do have a killer plan that includes long distance, I find a lot of the time it only takes a quick text message to get a message across, I can also set up groups that allow me to send a single message to multiple people. How do I keep up with all the messages? For one, I keep all my data backed up. Enter Psiloc’s GSync. It allows you to synchronize SMS and MMS to a Google email address. How useful, since I use a Google Apps Hosted Account. Let’s run through GSync.

Upon installation, a customized and self-explanatory icon shows up.


After selecting it, the application will open up giving you an information/status window.


This shows you the next sync date and time, the current status and the last sync and if it was completed successfully or not.

In the options window, keeping it simple, there are few options.


You can force a synchronize, do a full sync, interrupt a sync that is taking place or adjust the settings. The settings allow you to change your Google account, the connection details and the SMS/MMS rules.


For connection, you have a few of the regular S60 options including the Access Point to use, re-using existing sockets or sync when roaming. This is also where you can set the schedule for synchronizing. There are a few options to select from here.


Once you’ve select the time, you have to force a manual sync in order to set the interval. I set a note for 3 AM sync. So at 3 AM I had to manually sync in order for it to sync again at 3 AM after that. A little annoying, but only a one time issue.

When you start to sync, it will format your messages as viewable by HTML or not, depends on the rule you set.


GSync will also create a separate label named “SMS” or “MMS” and pre-label all messages synchronized.


It will login…


Sending the messages, it will display how many have been completed and how many are left.


And lastly, all the messages will be automagically marked as "Read”, so they don’t all appear as unread messages. This is a very nice touch.


Final thoughts:

Now, there some limitations to GSync due to Google. Only 250 emails per day are allowed. This might be an issue for the first sync if you have over 250 messages in your Inbox. They will automatically be split over 24 hours until the mailbox is in sync with your device.

I never notice this application running, especially since it is set to synch while I am sleeping. It has a very small footprint. I do however end-up with the emails sitting in my Inbox, this is an issue with Google Mail and not the application.

Psiloc also has XSync which can sync to any mailbox, while GSync is solely for Google Accounts. Get it @


prom1 said...

Thanks for the review oddsocks! Great right up.

Vanstra said...

Where did you get that wallpaper ?

oddsocks said...

Wallpaper is available here, I originally got it from DeviantArt (I think).

Francois said...

Very helpful review, I'd like to know if you made this theme or is it available on a website?


Sheldon said...

hey mate.. how did u get the wallpaper to appear on all the screens ?? is it a theme??

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