E75 Arrival

Thanks to Nokia WOMWorld I’ve received an E75 trial for review. The unboxing experience was unreal. Lots of props to Nokia UK for delivery and packaging style, just plain amazing stuff.




Yes it came in a briefcase. A full sized briefcase. It’s stout. I was visiting my kid sister and she remarked - “so, that’s how people are carrying their valuable phones nowadays, huh?”. No, I’m just that important, suckafish. Oh, what’s that? A briefcase isn’t enough protection for you? How about 3 boxes housing a regular sized one, lined with velvet-esque cloth



I plan on a full review of the device, similar to my N82 one. It’s going to be harsh, I had high expectation for the form factor, since I came from an HTC S710 running Windows Mobile. If I could have that exact same device, with 3G and S60 slapped in it – I’d practically be set for life (in the mobile phone department at least). Well, as you’ll see in my review – I have quite a hard time with the hardware and some software quirks with FP2.


I’ll post up soon, and will be posting a few reviews on some software also. If anybody has any suggestions, or if anybody actually reads me updates – it’d be cool to know! Drop me a line or shoot me a message on Twitter!


Until then, stay safe!


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