E75 Explored (and Reviewed)

First things first, big thanks to Katie at WOMWorld Nokia for getting in touch with me and giving me the opportunity to trial the E75. I’ve been able to put it through the paces for and extended amount of time and it’s been a very good experience. Thanks Katie & the team!

From the moment I received it, in fully glory, packaged in a large briefcase that really pushed the business-esque-ability of the device.


It’s a real heavy briefcase, good construction – I wish I could keep the bad boy and put all my tech gear in it. It came locked, lucky for me I didn’t have to bust out my SouthOrd pocket-picks, an accompanied envelope housed a key for opening it up.

HPIM0334 HPIM0336HPIM0337 HPIM0342

I quickly opened it up and grabbed all the box contents and tossed them on top of the case so I could get my paws all of the plasticy goodness. Included in the box is:

3.5mm headphones – These aren’t all that great, but this isn’t an N-series device.

UK 2mm charger – Yes, it charges via MicroUSB and the old 2mm 5V Nokia charger.

Sync cable – MicroUSB to USB for sync and charge.

A manual – Not color, and heavy hefty, weighing in at 130 pages.

Maps and other promotional pamphlets – These are in color, and are a good way to get more information about accessories and software for the device.


And the device. Brilliantly red and a fingerprint magnet, as you can see. It feels good in the hand, real nice. Weighted and proportion properly. It feels like a solid E-series device so far. Let’s twist and flick, see how that slider feels.


Wheee. Just as I imagined, it’s a breeze to slide. It’s spring loaded and is very tight. I found myself opening and closing the device out of sheer boredom and fun. Yes, it’s that good.

Since it runs S60V3 FP2, I’m sure you all know about the changes. UI transitions, increased battery life, and much better functionality with Nokia Messaging. I’m not going to be going into much more in terms of software, I completely love S60 because it does basically everything I need a mobile platform to do, currently. I despise the hardware of the E75.

1). Both the front keypad and the QWERTY keyboard are just borderline useless to me. The 12 key front facing pad is single strips, which makes it very hard to differentiate between ‘buttons’ when I’m not staring directly at the keypad. Had the N86’s keypad been stuck on, it would have been infinitely better.

HPIM0356 N86

You’ll also notice at the bottom, there is no gap between the bezel and the keys. I used to wonder why the E71 had this weird chinstrap there, now I know. It’s hard to aim your finger at the * and # keys because they are curved and pressed right beside the chrome bezel.

HPIM0416 HPIM0417

1a). The slide-out QWERTY keybad is just too flat. The keys have a smooth, uniform feel to them. They are flat, no nubs, no angle, nothing. There’s a gap between the keys, but that really isn’t enough for me. Secondly, the keys have extremely shallow and un-pronounced travel. It’s too easy to ‘engage’ a keypress when moving across the keyboard.

HPIM0402 HPIM0358

2). The dpad is recessed too much. The E71, has arguably the best dpad on a Nokia device, if not any phone I’ve ever used. With E75’s cluster is a cluster. It’s a mishmash of buttons that are entirely too close together. E75 on the left and E71 on the right.

HPIM0406 HPIM0407


3). Those stupid rubber flaps for the microUSB and microSD card are still there. This time they’re a harder rubber. They stuck out and get caught on things. I purposely ripped them off of my E71 and it gives such a more streamlined look.

 HPIM0415 HPIM0413 HPIM0414

They are absolutely awful and I am glad to see that the E72 has flush flaps.


What do I like about the E75 hardware?

The internals. The breathing/notification LED ring that sits in the dpad is brighter and much more “attention getting”. There is still slight “leaking” as you can see, not all the buttons light up uniformly and it really takes away from the high-class look of the device. It’s that much better than my E71. The below picture shows each at their “peak”, and no, it’s not contrasted by the white keypad – I’ve used the black keypad also and it’s the same.

HPIM0418 HPIM0420

The vibrate motor is powaful. The E71’s motor is nice muffled and doesn’t actually make any noise. Some complain that it’s too weak, and while it is a bit hard to feel while in a pocket, it’s nice that when I put my device on silent, the obnoxious vibrate isn’t heard by those around me.

I appreciate that the E75 sports a dedicated camera key now. I also like that it’s dual stage, hold slightly for focusing and then press completely to capture your image. The LED flash is also dual staggered to avoid flash flooding. One great feature is that the LED will light up when it’s dark enough to need a flash – this lets you know it will be discharging the flash and it also allows you to view what you’re taking a picture of with the supplied light.

The camera is also significantly better in low light and all other conditions, when compared to the E71.

E71. Auto flash and focused;

20091217312 20091217311


E75. Auto-flash and focused;

17122009008 17122009007


It’s quite clear that the winner is the E75 on all fronts. The dual stage LED makes a huge difference. Quality is better, less pixelation and a lot less noise. Let’s not even mention the purple tint on the E71.

The E75 will never take a place in my pocket. The E71 is my current main device, has been for well over a year. The small screen is only now beginning to bother me. I had very high hopes for this device, perhaps this is why I feel I have been let down. The only reason I was able to use this device was because it was an S60 smartphone. The software really does make a device, however in this case – it wasn’t enough.

Battery life was pretty decent, despite it having pretty much the same internals as the E71, but a smaller battery, a BL-4U weighing in at 1000mAH compared to the BP-4L 1500mAH. Thank FP2 for that.

The screen is clean and crisp, again, despite having a QVGA resolution of 240x320 and reversible - it also rotates very quickly upon opening the keyboard or turning the device and having the accelerometer enabled. The accelerometer is also very handy for silencing calls and alarms, I wish that the E71 had it.

I really wish that the keyboards would have been designed a bit better, I'm sure that the E75 could have easily become my main device because of the form factor, as it is - I have yet to find a device that suits my needs like the E71 does; Nokia really set a bar for me with it. I'm looking to get my hands on an N86 soon as it seems to be the best accompanying device currently. Will post my thoughts on it when I'm able to land one.

Thanks y'all!


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The Prodigal Fool said...

Good review thanks.

I am also a big fan of the E71, I used it as my main device for a year. While the E75 is technically superior, I eventually found that the hardware just wan't as 'right' as the E71. Your point about the D-pad is spot on. The E71's D-pad is just the best there is. And when you realise that it's the D-pad that you interact with 80% of the time on a phone you realise how important that is.

If you're interested, I posted my own thoughts about the E75 here:

And the E71 here:

prom1 said...

Did you upgrade to the E72 as of yet? Will WOMWorld send you a trial? They SHOULD because you use the E71 to its fullest potential using nothing but the BEST apps to tweak the OS & use of the device.


Simon said...

Seems like we hit the same points but you liked the device enough to plunk down cash.

Good reviews and articles you've got there. Keep up the good work!

Simon said...

No E72 yet. I hope I can get a trial, I'd love to give a new N-series a shot though - N97 Mini to be specific.

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