Good bye S60

As we are all aware, S60 has been deprecated. This blog makes no sense to upkeep, as the things I’ll be reporting will not solely be tied to S60. I’m currently waiting for some MX and DNS records to propagate before I can go “live” with the new site – registered @

Hope I can be a little more successful than this small blog. Thanks to all the readers and comments. Hope you can move over to the new site and we can grow.

Champion out!

- Simon


Alban Rampon said...

Hi Simon, sad to see you and S60 go as I was just discovering it...
Will you cover Symbian^4 or Maemo as well?

Cheers, Alban

eddy said...

Hey Simon, its been a good run. Hopefully Nokia will continue to wow us with new and better devices as time goes by. Its an interesting world now, as the confluence of devices seems to grow amazingly fast.
Glad that you'll be continuing to experiment and give feedback to Nokia.
All the best!

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