N900: Shipping Out

In preparation for my N900, I've ordered and received - not one, but 2 PhantomSkinz screen protectors, for the ridiculous price of $9.42. Shipped. Yup. Can’t beat that with a stick.

20100121_002 20100121_001

I’ve used ZAGG before, and while their customer service is just plain old amazing, I didn’t like the rubbery feel, the higher price point and more importantly - the time it took for fulfillment. 3 weeks and 2 orders to fill a warranty for a friend of mine who wrecked her invisibleshield beyond repair? I also had to pay for shipping, but no big deal. I decided to try PhantomSkinz out after looking at these pictures. I also ordered myself a nice faux-leather holster for times that I am rock-crawling (in my Jeep) or rock-climbing (with my hands, I nick named them Johnny Moss and the Jester) so to keep it secure from certain death.

20100122_002 20100122_006

Kinda bulky looking, but I don’t plan on clipping it on all that often.

After reading some “horror” stories with the daughterboard on the N900 lacking solder-through points and the microUSB module simply sliding out the housing, I decided to file a spare USB to microUSB cable I had.


I grabbed a set of metal files from my toolbox and worked on the ridges of the “claspers” on the cable until they were flush.


Tested the pins for proper voltage and polarity using an ohm-meter, cleaned the metal shavings out using some rubbing alcohol and plugged my old Zaurus in. Success. Plugged it into my E71, detected and mounted it. Great.

Now I just need an N900 in my hands.



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