Sideloading Nokia/Ovi Maps

For those of us who don’t primarily use Windows or OS X, let’s get to know how to get Ovi Maps data directly onto our devices so we too can have fun and free navigation. This guide is specifically written for Andrew Currie of Open Attitude since he's new to the whole "internetmobile" thing.

Before you do any of this, you’ll need to have run Ovi/Nokia Maps to create the required files and folders. Go ahead and run it, let it load completely and then exit.

Now, download the map data for Ontario (this means you, Andrew). No voice included, only maps, weighing in at roughly 47MB. Next, you’ll need to either connect your device to your workstation via microUSB cable (use Mass Storage Mode if you're using an S60 device) – or have another way of accessing the microSD card (adapter or card reader, for example).


Once you’ve got r/w access to the vFAT partition, you need to unzip the above mapdata directly to \cities\diskcache\ on the media.


Uncompress the map data and transfer it over. Just drag and drop it, simpleton.


Overwrite everything it asks you to. Ensure you’re replacing files and it's going into the proper directory.


Once that’s done, unmount/disk sync your media volume – reboot your device and fire up Ovi/Nokia Maps. No more grabbing maps OTA.

You can grab all of North America, Europe and Asia from their respective links.

This works on all current S60 devices that are capable of running Ovi Maps 3.0. Mapdata is different for Nokia Maps 2.0 – but why bother? Nokia has announced free lifetime Ovi Maps. What? You didn’t get your invitation?


Check it out, straight from the source.



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Anonymous said...


I am using Nokia 5230 and live in India. I have been trying to load the OVI Maps data from the OVI suite for about a month and I have failed miserably. I googled and found that many people are facing the same timeout error in OVI suite. I would really appreciate if you could give me the direct link to download the maps data for India.


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