Automagic Profile Switching for the #N900

Having my phone know when I am busy, know when I am sleeping, know when I am in a movie, meeting or class is paramount to me. One of the main reasons I had previously camped with Windows Mobile and S60 – was how easy it was to setup automated profile switching; via calendar, GPS, cell-ID or day and time.

Although there are no “full blown” applications to do this for the N900, it’s open enough that it’s trivial to do so. Today, we’ll be looking at SES (system event scheduler) – by Andrew Stanly-Jones which is a QT wrapper for alarmd (think: cronjobs+easy IPC through dbus. Golden stuff!). SES is only available in extas-devel. Heed all warnings before enabling the repo.

Upon starting the application, you’ll be kicked into portrait mode (it does not currently officially support landscape mode, AFAIK) and given a simple screen with saved events and an option to schedule a new event.

Screenshot-20100202-160944 Screenshot-20100202-160959 Screenshot-20100202-161025

You can select which Profile to be started, what days of the week and what time. This does include the Online/Offline profile for when you sleep. Unfortunately isn’t not possible to edit an already saved event, you’ll need to delete and create a new one by holding on the event and clicking ‘Delete’


Overall it’s works beautifully and I’ve been using it since day 1 with my N900. It has yet to fail me, and I rely on it to keep my device quiet when I’m in class, turn it on when I’m driving in my Jeep and then silence again while I’m sleeping.

Many people have requested Tweakr support, and I’m sure we’ll see it (or a fork from Tweakr to integrate profiles differently) – as well as calendar support and much more, if not from Andrew, then from another great developer.

I need more stuff to do, please tell me what you’d like to read about.



Peace peace.


pyllyukko said...

How about some stuff on dbus? You can access all kinds of neat stuff through it. Or something similar, which digs deeper in to the heart of Maemo (and Linux).

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