NeoPwn Merges with BackTrack. Produces BT Mobile for #N900

BTMobile NeoPwn (of OpenMoko fame) has officially been “swallowed” up by the big bangers at BackTrack and Offensive-Security. Good news for anybody interested in mobile infosec and pentesting. While many of us were making single step repositories for hosting personal compiled sectools, BT Mobile will bring all of this into a single bootable image for the N900. The biggest news with this announcement? Development. BackTrack recently hit RELEASE-4 and encompasses some of the best security, vulnerability assessment and exploit development tools. It brings this all into a single bootable CD, DVD or USB key. From instant on, to instant own.


We’ve already seen w3af, metasploit, nmap, aircrack-ng, ethereal/wireshark, ettercap and a PLETHORA of other network fiasco and penetration testing tools, running on the N900 in full native glory (by yours truly). A Debian chroot brings ALL the rest, with full official ARMEL repositories and on-device compilation environments.

It also seems that wl1251 has been patched and we have full RFMON with LIVE injection. Yay.

Let the games begin!

Deets over @

More info once the info becomes official!


swc|666 said...

The idea of NeoPwn being part of BackTrack had been discussed back in 2008. The timing just so happened to work out last month for it to happen.

For the record, I did *not* get *swallowed* up by BackTrack. I chose to migrate the project under the BT umbrella as I have always wanted the project to be free.

Your choice of words are poor, but thanks for the plug otherwise.

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