Sygic Mobile Maps: A First Look!

I’ve managed to get my hands on a copy of Sygic Mobile Maps for my Nokia N900. Along with some backyard voodoo, I’ve got it working with my local map of Canada that I joinked off an Android device. I will be giving it a thorough review within a week or so – which should give Sygic some time to get their purchasing and server back in order. Perhaps they can finally agree with Nokia on moving it into the Ovi Store.

Here are some screenshots and extremely early preview thoughts of Sygic Mobile Maps 9 for the N900.


Start up time is fast. The splash screen is shown briefly, and then the map selection window:

Screenshot-20100317-232534 Screenshot-20100317-232543

I’ve done some black magic and imported an available Canadian map, edited the MLM to include it…and tada. Loaded, located and then pinned on the map:

Screenshot-20100317-232628 Screenshot-20100317-232651

Tapping on the map brings you to the main menu, with arrows to pan left and right for more features:

Screenshot-20100317-232711 Screenshot-20100317-232727

You can jump into the settings, and make preferences changes:

Screenshot-20100317-232733  Screenshot-20100317-232812Screenshot-20100317-232819

There are also advanced preferences, which are very nice to toggle:

Screenshot-20100317-232754 Screenshot-20100317-232756

Screenshot-20100317-232758 Screenshot-20100317-232800


When entering text, the onscreen keyboard is nice – but doesn’t go a way when you slide out the physical QWERTY:


Navigation and location entry is easy and straight forward:

Screenshot-20100317-232715  Screenshot-20100317-232950

Same goes for free-hand map browsing:


POI and all the other things you’ve come to love are also there:

Screenshot-20100317-233001 Screenshot-20100317-233008

Maps and menu colors change once “nightfall” is detected:

Screenshot-20100318-000047 Screenshot-20100318-000147

And finally, yes – it does support full portrait mode, but there is no “fullscreen” mode, so it looks very goofy:

Screenshot-20100318-001649  Screenshot-20100318-001657 Screenshot-20100318-001701

That’s all for now. I’ve had it for about 1 hour in total and haven’t had a chance to actually test the veracity and functionality of routing and navigation.

I will do so in the next coming week, maybe I can finally get a video up, and hopefully get some more subscribers with Sygic who can post their thoughts. Twitter is probably the fastest way to field any questions.



Sygic Mobile Maps for Maemo – pierwsze wrażenia z sieci | Maemo PL – Maemo Polska said...

[...] Więc tak tu jest spora galeria zdjęć, na ostatnich widać jak mapy działają w trybie pionowym: [...]

SallieSloan said...

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Anna said...

The purchasing and server were fixed. Currently available regions for Maemo phones are: Canada, US and Europe.

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