Next App: Phone Speaker Switcher

Situation; your friend calls you while you’re bashing out an email on your N900. You answer the call and she gabs on about an upcoming fashion party she is going to and needs somebody to take her. You’ve got other stuff on your mind, even though she is a redhead. Hello Phone Speaker Switcher. PSS allows you to set the options and arguments for when to switch a call to the loud-speaker automagically.


Screenshot-20100421-201342 Screenshot-20100421-201351

Screenshot-20100421-201717 Screenshot-20100421-201713

Initial versions lacked many options, however jaeezzy took feedback, help and suggestions and it has become a must install on my N900. We’ve gotten bluetooth headphone sanity checks - to ensure that a call does not route from a BT headset to the loudspeaker when opening the keyboard, as well as proximity switching options and now I have a dedicated key for hanging up. Not sure what else needs to be added to this, it’s extremely useful and should have been baked into Maemo5 from the start - I digress, that’s the power of Maemo and that’s why I use it.

Check out this application/daemon by grabbing it from the extras-devel repository using `apt-get install psswitcher` for the 1.7 release or grab the newest 1.8 release with bluetooth support from the main thread here.


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