Opera Mobile Re-Arrives to Maemo

I first got my taste of Opera, on a QNX live floppy installation. I was hooked then. I now use it on my Windows and Linux desktops, Windows Mobile devices, as well as regular J2ME-capable phones with Opera Mini.

Today, the Opera Labs announced that a new Opera Mobile 10 package became publically available for Maemo users. Very good to see they support the N900, as well as N8x0 devices. Good choice Opera! You can grab install file and it will add the repository for you, and automatically fetch the new release. Or add it into your sources list for APT with the following information;

deb http://deb.opera.com/maemo fremantle non-free

On the news page, Opera has also given some quick features and issues that are being looked at, including;

No current plugin or Flash support and it’s currently lacking power management for shutting down threads. Here’s a quick glance at Opera Mobile 10 on my N900 running Maemo 5 PR1.1.1 with ganked PR1.2 packages and other customized stuff.

Here we see the ever pretty Opera logo and launching it we’re brought to a Quick Guide and EULA;


That’s a fully functional mouse cursor also, it moves with the arrow keys and will jump from hyperlink to hyperlink, as you can imagine. Nice work.

Consistency has always been good with Opera, regardless of platform or package (Desktop, Mobile or Mini). You’re initially brought to a start page with quick links that include live shortcuts. Simply tap and hold for a contextual menu if you want to change the links or move them around. 

Screenshot-20100511-112219 Screenshot-20100511-112451

It does take an abnormal amount of time to load a quick-dial live page, but once it’s done, it seems to work.

Screenshot-20100511-112506 Screenshot-20100511-115234

Popping into the Settings page is very easy. Hit the little wrench and a menu bar will slide up with the options.

Screenshot-20100511-112234 Screenshot-20100511-112242

As usual, Opera Mobile supports Opera Link to sync data between all your devices using Opera. It’s as functional as ever, and works perfectly. You can also adjust the automatic screen rotation and font+zoom size.

Screenshot-20100511-112349 Screenshot-20100511-112247

Well, I supposed you want to see how browsing is...it’s fantastic. It FEELS faster than Firefox, especially through-out the entire interface. Seems to have a small footprint and no immediate memory leakage symptoms as with the current Fennec/Firefox Mobile release.


Panning and scrolling works just fine without any visible tearing. Screen rotation also works and has a nice zoom animation when swapped. Note, that everything works in portrait mode, including a virtual keyboard and it looks great. Kudos for that.




So that was a quick look at Opera Mobile 10 for Maemo on the N900. Great work to the Opera Labs team.


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