And so the N97 Mini Tour begins…

A trip to Montreal, Ottawa and then Toronto with the crew from WOMWorld/Nokia might sound like a bit of fun, well I’m going to tell you it’s a TON of fun. I was feeling all normal until I was staring out the window of the Air Canada flight from Pearson to Montreal.


After a safe and enjoyable flight with a grin on my face the entire time from the sheer glee of sitting on top of a jet engine, we reached our destination and quickly spotted the ginormous N97 Mini Tour RV. Andrew caught us live, dig that on qik;

After meeting Chris, Tom and James, we emptied our pockets and hit the streets for some fine Montreal cuisine, with portions so large even the infamous Whatley couldn’t get a date with ‘em.

We rested up and then began the evening with the Mobile Geeks of Montreal. A little bit of liquid courage and the discussion started flowing. Got to meet and talk tech and politics with some extremely intelligent gents (@bchamontin, @ludodivx, @craikpyke). 2 contests went up, spur of the moment, and 2 winners came out. After a few hours of chit chat and mish mash we officially called it a night and spent the rest of the evening checking out some of the local establishments in the down town area. It was a real blast, if I do say the least.

More to come soon as we start doing some N97 Mini Challenges.


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