An Appservation; Movie Schedule

Today I’m bringing a weekly posting about newly released applications. A quick look, reviews or simple news and observations of apps. Appservations. So today it’s Movie Schedule.

A lot of the existing location-searching applications for Maemo are geographically bound, fortunately the author has opted to use Googles ever-growing database so it encompasses just about every theater you’d want to go to.


You can search just about any location, any theater and any playing movie. A very straight forward and simplistic user interfaces gives a no-fuss and very informative look at all your entries.

Screenshot-20100727-223129 Screenshot-20100727-223134

From movie entries, you can import appointments directly into your calendar or place a call to the local theater. Unfortunately, with this most recent release – dialing out doesn’t seem to be working.


Hopefully this can be fixed for the next release, and it will bring some other small features such as quick review snippets, a direct IMDB link and the ability to send entries via SMS or email.


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