Half and Half Through the #N97MiniTour

Today is just a few over the half way mark of the N97 Mini Tour. After test driving cars, riding around race tracks and flying down rollercoasters, we saluted Montreal and sped on over to Ottawa to check out Canada’s capital city. We scoped out the sights and was greeted in the morning by a marching band. Aw, just for us!


We headed on out for our second N97 Mini Tour Challenge.

132779935-6ad2e8e9f5ecb410dc03c8c5ed9d36a7.4c46fd60-scaled 07202010072

3D, blacklight mini-putt awaited us. Of course, the scores *must* have been skewed, since I didn’t win. Infact, I came just about dead last after James Whatley – which might not actually be that bad, right?

The evening wound down with a spectacular light show at Parliament Hill. A bit heavy fisted for some, but I did enjoy it for the entertainment and visual values.

07202010074 07202010081

So, now it’s off to Toronto to help our Planet Earth by planting a healthy 300+ trees.


Come on down to the N97 Mini Tour Finale Party, Friday 6:30 PM @ Spherical Arts. It’ll be real top shelf stuff!


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