NeoPwn / BackTrack Mobile Postponed

A little while ago I wrote about NeoPwn merging with BackTrack and plans on producing BackTrack Mobile for the N900. The main developer for NeoPwn recently advised that the project is unfortunately not seeing the rapid development as was once expected. Originally slated for a preliminary release during Defcon and BlackHat conferences, the date has been pushed back until a stable, viable and safe method of installation and functionality is achieved. For now, NeoPwn 2 is back on track and will continue as a “stand-alone” project. It’s unknown if muts and the developers behind BackTrack will be making a Mobile distribution for use on handheld devices; but judging from the workload the have with side (and completely awesome) projects, I doubt they’ll be quick to jump on it.


If you are able to provide assistance to the project (development, donation, etc) , please send an e-mail to in order to let your availability be known. If all you can do is donate, I’m sure the link will be up soon. If you can offer technical, development or testing skills – you’re wanted.

More news to come, as it comes in.


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