Next stop, #N97MiniTour

Earlier this week I was contacted by Donna and the fine people at WOMWorld/Nokia to take part in their second stretch of the Canada wide N97 Mini Tour. Rogers will be having an exclusive launch of the handset, (Bell has the big brother N97) and Nokia has decided to take some of the Canadian online personalities on an RV trip. First locations were Vancouver, Banff and Calgary, the team have made their way to my side of the country, and we'll be bouncing from Montreal to Ottawa and finally finishing up in Toronto.

I'm extremely stoked to get to travel with them, taking challenges, seeing the sights (I actually despise Ottawa, but nevertheless) and...rolling in style with a big blue Ford Freelander RV.

A handful of mobile device enthusiasts/strangers crammed into an RV for a week, running rampant in the 3 top urban locations of Canada with enough phones to rival that of the Gibson. What could go wrong?!

I'll be flying out on Friday to meet up and get started, first on the agenda will be Mobile Geeks of Montreal, with James Whatley. Gonna blow up the #n97minitour hashtag, so if you feel like keeping up with things - that's the best place.

Wish us luck.


Whatley said...

See you there! :)

WOMWorld/Nokia said...

Enjoy... We'll

WOMWorld/Nokia said... watching from London !!

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