Enhancing/Unlocking Your #N900 FM Transmitter

This post is partially inspired by a message from @gsmitheidw who tweeted about the FM transmitter in the N900. One of the influential factors in my purchase of an N900 – was the FM transmitter. Allowing you to pipe audio to a specific frequency within the designated FM band, who wouldn’t want a feature like this?

Let’s face it, not all vehicles have a stereo headunit that has bluetooth connectivity or even an auxiliary input jack. Not all shops or ice-rinks will allow you to hook up your phone to their equipment for when you decide to take your date ice-skating and want to play some Barry Manilow.

You might say it’s hard to find a channel that’s not being blanketed by Black Eyed Peas / Clear Channel mainstream crap or that the power output is way too low to be usable, WELL THAT’S WHERE YOU’D BE WRONG, SON.

There are numerous modifications that can be done to the FMTX controller software, including changes to allow it to run at a bumped power spec, allow it to do so while charging AND unlock the frequencies below the regular (read; legally) allowed 87.7MHz limit. So FCC and CRTC disclaimers aside…how does one achieve this? You simply patch the binary to remove the restrictions. Lucky for us, a one Jacek Milewicz (@jacekowski) has done so and made a posting on his site, and a user on TMO has posted instructions as well.

It’s as easy as replacing the old daemon binary with the new one. Drop it into /usr/sbin – install FMTX-faker to patch the media-player and statusmenu links and you’re done. You can now broadcast on 76.0MHz through 107.9MHz at the highest power level available.


There is a reason that Nokia left the binary closed for this, as well as the other transmitters on the N900. Legality. Well, lucky for us there’s nothing to stop a good brain coupled with the power of IDA Pro from doing what one may please.

So, uh, power to the people and all that.

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