N9 – It Ain’t Snapdragon

It seems that a ridiculous claim is floating; sites are reporting on leaked N9 specs claiming it would be built around the Qualcomm QSD8250 “Snapdragon” SoC. Let me be the first to say, I will eat a shoe if it’s using anything other than a TI chip. I wouldn’t want to get specific – and say the Maemo 6 (MeeGo-Harmattan) presentation clearly indicated OMAP3 or anything;

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Nor would I want to say it was publicly announced at the Maemo Summit that the next device would be running with a TI OMAP core. That wouldn’t make any sense at all. Would it?

Leaving that aside - why on earth would Nokia, who is partnered with the largest semi-conductor chip manufacturer on the planet (Intel) decide to leave Texas Instruments blowing in the wind for a high-end device, after almost exclusively providing ARM processors for their smartphones? How about the fact that Nokia and Qualcomm have had numerous bouts of suing each other back and forth, and were locked in a battle of licensing and IP issues for over half a decade? You don’t just turn around and jump in bed.

Why would Nokia depart ways from Texas Instruments, who are also now pumping out iron for Motorola to use on all of their high-end smartphones? OMAP3430 in the Motorola Milestone and the OMAP3630 in the both the successor (Droid2) and the Droid X?

The Cortex-A8 platform is better than the QSD8250 platform. That is, the OMAP3430 is better than the Scorpion processor. The PowerVR SGX 530 GPU is better than the AMD Z430 (if equipped). And that’s assuming Nokia doesn’t decide to use the OMAP3630 chip which is in every single way, superior to the OMAP3430 since it’s a pure die shrink to 45nm. We’ve already seen that it’s not about clock speed (and if it is, the 3430 runs at ~1.2GHz and the DSP runs at ~500MHz with little to no ill-effects). TI spanks Qualcomm when it comes to chip fabrication…perhaps because QC doesn’t fab. Spec for spec, Cortex-A8 spanks Snapdragon.

I’ll just say it again, if the first MeeGo device from Nokia is using anything other than TI stuff – I will eat a shoe. Call me out on it. Or go check the MeeGo source code and see if you find references to OMAP.


adroit_91 said...

Love your enthusiasm! :)
But, have you considered the possibility of Intel silicon inside the N9?

nwerneck said...

Thanks for the refreshing shot of good sense!

These specs were really invented by someone crazy or bad intended.

Pekka said...

Why should it be nothing else than Intel Atom? u said it yourself, they teamed with the larges in the world and doing Atom optimized Meego.

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