#NokiaWorld 2010 Second Contest Entry

So, I was crushed by the supreme skills of Lorian84 and his winning video. Check it out below. It’s just so good.

That video needed to win, and I am extremely glad it did. Just imagine it being broadcast on a huge projection screen at Nokia World. Groovy.

Looks like we all have another chance, since the players at Ovi Blog have tossed up 2 more tickets to be won. Well, make it one more ticket for the rest of you to fight over…because here is my entry.

I should go to Nokia World because…

(Direct download incase your browser is from 1997 –> MP3)

The beat is made by Architect25 and licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 license. The vocals are me, the lyrics are mine and should be imagined following the sentence;

“I should go to Nokia World 2010 Because…”

It’s Nokia World, two thousand and ten, being held in London, England. The Ovi crew will be in full effect - I don’t even know what to expect.

But the N9 leaked and I gotta see that. The N8 launch will bring it all back, so get hooked up and try it out. I’m the blogger you’ve never heard about.

On my way to the top, here we go. I’m voting for: MeeGo. Phones, phones and phones galore – Ovi services…there’s tons more.

Rumors abound and stories will fly; you’ll hear about it when the ringtones cry, so pick me to win boys and girls – I need a ticket to Nokia. World.


And there we have it. It’s on the internet and there’s no taking it back. Good-bye ego…hello awkwardness. Cross your fingers that I get a good message sometime later in the week!


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