BFS Patches for N900 – Updated for Community Power Kernel

I briefly talked about BFS kernel patches for the N900…well Kolivas has updated his diff and Corey has built it against the newest N900 community / power kernel – release 40. The build packages are available at the Maemo Garage page and need to be manually installed. We’re not sure if Tom will be incorporating the patches into Power Kernel (for stability reasons), so go ahead and continue at your own risk.

There is a noticeable performance boost from BFS and I’ll be patching and building it against the NeoPwn kernel source (so all your drivers work properly) once I sort out developer credentials. Speaking about NeoPwn…I’m also taking list suggestions for tools to include that are not already in the images. If you have a request or can offer assistance with the project – please email, comment or send me a message on Twitter.

Does anybody even read this?



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