A Birthday Card; #N900 Style

While I was away at Nokia World – and having flown out to England on my birthday, my girlfriend was busy making me a card. One week later, I arrived back home, she drove 4 hours to see me and give me the second ”phase” of my present. The reason I am posting this – is because the CARD that came with my gift was a replica N900.


Complete with fine details, like an off-set space bar, 3.5mm headset jack, lock switch and the speaker grill ports. Even a kickstand.


And what type of card would it be without a birthday message in true Maemo 5 Conversations UI style? Notice the task switcher? Battery icon? How about the time? 8:30, the time I was walking onto the plane.


If that’s not tremendous effort to stay interested in the “side hobbies” I have, I don’t know what is.


Michael said...

THIS is awesome! what a girl :)

Mike Macias said...

That is amazing... seriously dude... she loves you lol.

That explains why you couldnt stop talking about her in London.

Eric said...

gr8 girl:) best wishes:D

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