Going Across the Pond (to #NokiaWorld)

While I did not get an official invite, through MaemoFanatics, Mobile Fanatics or this site  – I did manage to win myself a trip and ticket, accommodations paid, to Nokia World 2010…courtesy of the Ovi Blog contest of course.

I’ve docked my name down for the 1000 heads meetup. Which currently weighs in at over 50 bloggers strong. Micky (along with Dan, Michael and Richard) and the 1000heads crew have tackled the huge task of hosting a “meetup” (read: party) with some of the top-dog Nokia and mobile-tech bloggers on planet Earth. Check out the huge list of attendees.

Should get some live updates at Mobile Fanatics as well as Maemo Fanatics and quite possibly here. It’s going to be an extremely busy week, especially since I’ll be skipping out on 4 days of classes. I’ve got a good feeling of what is to be announced at Nokia World (and I’d love to be surprised) – but the most exciting part is the people I will meet and finally shake hands with.

I hope to get some time to hop from Nokia World to the Developer Summit to see what’s cracking there. Who knows.

I also should mention I’ve never been to England (although my mother was born there!) so this will be a real treat and a helluva good time since it falls the day after my birthday.

So away we go!



Mark G said...

Congrats again! See you there!

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