NeoPwn Beta2; Now Shipping for the #N900

neopwnbt4[3]NeoPwn recently started sending out emails with instructions and links for downloading the current beta incarnation of their mobile pen-testing suite. After a little bit of a tussle with the Maemo comunity, everything seems to be back on track.

Included is a full chroot filesystem for writing to a 4GB microSD, updated kernel and kernel modules for nefarious network purposes (including live injection). You’ll get access to a plethora of tools, repository and source that compares to the full-blown BackTrack.


I’ll be posting up a quick overview with more included tools, the UI and confirming the stability of live injection – once I get it and shoehorn it onto my device. Which I’d like to have done before I visit Nokia World. So here’s to hoping.

If you can’t wait for that, head  over to the NeoPwn Store –  drop $40 and you should receive an email with more details.



massradius said...

I just sent in my $40. Will let you know

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