PS3 Jailbreak – Coming Soon to Your N900


It’s been a while since the PS3 was hardware hacked, however it never came to the masses due to the hardware needed to glitch the bus and the level of complexity and pure luck of timing. Then came PSJailbreak – a closed release of a USB-based “modchip”. Sony  stuck their lawyers on them with an injunction attempt. Welp, somebody decided to sniff out the entire payload delivery from one of the units – and so PSGroove is born. A completely free and open source alternative. You’ll need some proper hardware to do it; an Atmel microcontroller is the recommended choice, but there’s nothing stopping you from using an OMAP beagleboard, or say – even your N900.

I got in touch Hector Martin, the supreme hardware hacker who busted open the Wii, and started digging into getting his PS3 delivery and payload package working on the N900. Unfortunately, with the way Nokia took HAL, BME and made dependant watchdogs – it’s extremely hard to get direct userland access to the hardware without some serious voodoo trickery.

After a few hours of futzing around and talking with him – I’m going to let him continue with his work code. I don’t have deep-dish hardware skills, and after attempting to negotiate and send USB descriptors – delivery fails on my (and the other tester’s) N900s; note the resets back to high-speed modes, which indicates HAL/BME not be giving up control of the hardware completely. BME is something I’ve grown to hate, a long with others who have been working on USB Host Mode for the N900.


There’s some work being done using USB Gadgets as a separate way of delivery, by Kakaroto – who has been working on the implementation since before PSGroove was released. This method is semi-specific to the N900 and may require an updated kernel and modules to achieve functionality. Either way, huge steps here.

With some very talented people at work here, I feel confident to say – that we can expect the ability to jailbreak the Playstation 3 using nothing but an N900 and widely available microUSB cable. Who else can say the same thing about their phone?


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