Quiet Response to N900 Laughs…

Sometimes I’m hanging with friends of mine who are big on Android and iPhone, and they make feeble attempts to mock my N900. “That thing is a brick”. “Nice resistive touch screen. Made in the 90’s?”. “Does it have apps?”. “Hey, let’s all play iScrabble and stare at our phones while we’re sitting in front of each other!” I’ve learned to quietly brush off their comments, calmly finish replying to my text message and enter a few key commands and place the N900 in my pocket.


“What? Why can’t I update Facebook"?”. “My email isn’t working!”. “Guys, my iPhone won’t let me online to call this pizza place..”. “I NEED TO PLAY iSCRABBLE!!!”



Oh heyyyyy – looks like the wireless isn’t working anymore…. What’s that? You don’t actually pay for data plans on those things? You bought an $800 phone and need to leech WiFi everywhere you go?

“Here, let me just open up Firefox…and then…ah, there. Should I order the pizza guys?”.




Having somebody de-auth flood your AP…annoying? Yes. Childish/immature? Yes. A tactical response to your annoying and childish comments towards my phone? …



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