N8 Charges N900. One Step Closer to Perpetual Motion?

I got an N8 for review a couple days ago and started to tinker with it. Great build, design and hardware. Hardware that just so happens to have USB Host Mode for USB On the Go and proper software support. I’ve seen people plug in hard-drives, usb keys and actually saw an N900 with USB Mass Storage mode plugged in…what I didn’t see was the device being charged…deliberate or not – I wasn’t having it.

I chopped open a microusb cable, jumped the data pins and connected the +/- leads as necessary. Of course, I tested it with a multimeter before plugging it in.

Voila. I can now charge my N900 using the N8. See video below.

Stay tuned, as I will rack my brain for other things I can power (and possibly control) with the N8.


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