Quick Port! NetDiscover on the N900

At the request of a reader, I’ve compiled NetDiscover for the N900. You’ll need libnet installed, and you can use the stable / lenny Debian ARM package from here. Straight install with `dpkg -i libnet1_1.1.2.1-2_armel.deb` - do note this package will go right into /usr/lib/ as it’s not “maemoptified” but it only eats roughly 100Kb of space and provides the necessary libraries and dependency for A LOT of network tools you’ll want to use on your N900…


I’ve attached the source, and a precompiled stand-alone binary. You’ll need to run it as root, and with the parameter “-i $INTERFACE” for scanning, else you’ll be kicked out with a error, as the application is unable to connect to any non-loop back device – since you didn’t supply one.

Fire it up and get scanning those networks…


Source with prebuilt binaries and libraries is HERE on DropBox. Enjoy!


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