Brief Look at NeoPwn Beta (for the N900)

Many people have been holding off on donating or opting in for the NeoPwn beta – waiting to see the functionality and how easy installation is…well this is a post for you. Buying into the project, if only for redmine and repository access, is completely worth it to provide means for development to continue.

Here’s a brief look at the first release of NeoPwn that you can get your hands on.

Dive into the menu and fire it up by selecting the NeoPwn v2 TARGET icon.


You’ll be presented with a little dialog box, if this is the first time you’re opening the control panel. This will setup a quick chroot and mount the environment.


Let’s go through each tab and see what is offered.


Keep in mind, this is a beta and not all function work. They will be added in at a future date.

See screenshots below to see what other options are available.


It’s a very clean install, and a good start to a huge project.

You’ll also be happy to know, there are a lot of tools sitting in the chroot including misc THC tools, amap, nmap, p0f, kismet, aircrack-ng suite, metasploit, s.e.t and much, much more.


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