Angry Birds Seasons for Maemo 5

Unfortunate for Rovio, they decided to leave N900 users out in the cold with the Seasons updated for Angry Birds. We didn’t get all the previous levels, we didn’t get the Trick or Treat levels, and we’re still waiting for the Christmas ones. Well waiting at the whim of somebody else is not my cup of tea.

I grabbed the Angry Birds binary package for WebOS devices, dissected it and installed it. Of course, the graphics are sized at 480x320 for the Palm Pre, but everything runs smooth, gameplay is perfect – it just looks goofy and will eventually hurt your eyes. I’m sure tearing apart an iPhone 4 binary package with “HD” graphics and frankenstein’ing it would work perfectly fine – but I don’t plan on doing that unless I have to. Rovio should know that it takes a negligible amount of work to go from WebOS –> Maemo. Seasons is in the Palm Catalog, why isn’t it available for N900 users? Ovi Store or not, stick it on your page and let users pay you directly and download it. The time it would take for a single developer to build and package it would be less than 1 hour of actual work, even if there were only a dozen N900 users – it’s extra income; at least that’s what is obvious to me. There might be red-tape and politics behind it, but at the end of the day – it matters not to me.

Make it available elsewhere and on a different platform, if we want it bad enough – we’re going to get it working.


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