UPDATE: Accelerometer-based Phone Control

In my previous post, I whipped up the ability to hang-up calls when placing my N900 face down, well I got a few comments and requests about turning the loud speaker on when placed face up. So, with a little time to kill on a Wednesday evening, I cracked a cold Moosehead and added that in.

I can now enable the loudspeaker by placing the device face up, as well as disable it automatically once it's picked up. Very useful if you're on hold for long periods of time - just pick it up and the device will automagically shut off the loudspeaker for you by the time you've got it near your head.

I don't have much sanity checking, it's essentially just enable/disabling it when the accelerometer reports specific values over dbus, so very kludgy - hence why I've not made it available.

Here's a quick video;


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