Unlocking Disabled WiFi Frequencies On Your N900

If you live like a criminal and run your 802.11 networks on the upper channels of 12, 13 or 14 in North America, you may have found out that your N900 has 2467MHz and 2472MHz completely blocked. Not just IBSS RX/TX but passive scanning as well. Bummer eh?
Well think again simpleton! You can use channel 12 and 13 by changing the regulatory domain via CRDA. It's as simple as issuing `iw reg set JP` to set the regulatory domain to JP which is Japan. All channels from 1-13 (2412MHz-2472MHz) are unlocked on 802.11g and I'm guessing if you force 802.11b, you can access channel 14 (2484MHz) as well.
Tada. Easy as pie. Changes are volatile and will disappear after a reboot, so do yourself a favour and toss it in a properly syntaxed script inside /etc/event.d/ and call it a day. Now you can continue to be a threat to the state by using non-sanctioned frequencies for your puny network :D


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