A Brief Look at the Nokia BH905i Bluetooth Stereo Headset

 I've been held back a bit and have a ton of stuff in the works, but I thought I'd start easy with writing up my initial thoughts of the Nokia BH905i Bluetooth Stereo Headset that I received from Nokia Care US (special thanks to @docmobile).

I've used my fair share of wireless headphones over the many years and I currently have a set of Nokia BH504 headphones as they were a sane price, good quality and comfortably sized. Along comes the 905i; a headset that boasts 8 separate microphones for use in active noise cancellation, quick side controls and an absolutely premium build quality. It's no wonder these retail for over $300.

Sound quality is superb, wired or wireless. They've got a pair of 32mm drivers that feature a frequency response range from 15Hz to 20kHz. That's absolutely good enough for me and it's most definitely enough for you. While I do prefer a slight outside lip on the ear-cup cushions in order to reduce "sound bleed", I had no worries about cranking them to the maximum. From the upper band cushion, the metal cup controls and the extremely small notification LED, I am supremely impressed with styling and feel of the BH-905i.
While many will lambaste Nokia for their continuation of familiarity, it's a welcomed and often under-appreciated cue when it comes to hardware and experience. From using previous headsets, I know where the controls are, what they do and exactly what to expect when I'm picking up either one. From the un-obnoxious notification LED to the full swing of the cups, there are so many subtle thoughts that went into the design. Compare the 2 generations and you'll see. Button placement is easy to reach and simple to distinguish. The bands are completely adjustable, the cups swivel and pivot in the brackets - unless you were on Nickelodeon's Hey Arnold! - these will fit you.

The sound quality is fantastic, the built-in bass boost and stereo widening works exactly as described and is adjustable in 3 different settings. The active noise cancellation is just brilliant with 8 positioned microphones pulling in ambient (and not so) background noise in order to provide destructive interference - just about everything I did that had a noticeable pattern, was blocked out successfully. It's very weird not to hear the hum of numerous machines sitting in my closet just feet away. I have extremely sensitive hearing, especially when it comes to high frequency tones and I could "feel" the opposing sinewaves when ANC was enabled. It was slightly annoying and after extended usage, I did notice it was slightly awkward to walk as my balance was knocked off. I've noticed this before with feeding unfiltered HF into my ears.
While the price might seem a bit steep at first blush, the Nokia BH905i is an extremely premium bluetooth headset. It works with any bluetooth-enabled device for calls and music - supporting A2DP and AVRCP profiles, it comes with a solid carrying case for protection, multiple TRS size adapters and enough auxiliary cables to ensure you can plug it into anything.
I know I'll be reaching for these when I'm in the mood to watch movies, melt into some music while writing or just riding the lawn mower with a cold one.


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