#NokiaUnfenced - A Roaming Weekend

If a weekend in the Canadian Rockies, testing unreleased phones, lounging on treetops and galloping through Bow Valley in Alberta sounds like too much for you, then tighten the velcro on your shoes and walk yourself off a cliff. All others, read on to see what another weekend with Nokia was like.

I, along with a handful of other lucky enthusiasts, were invited by WOMWorld/Nokia for an event aptly dubbed #NokiaUnfenced. Mountains bigger than planets? Check. Land further than the eye can see? You got it. Throwback transportation? Absolutely. Unfenced, it was.

We were put up in the plush Grande Rockies Resort, with rooms that rival apartments I've been in. We didn't spend much time inside our rooms except for recharging; phones and ourselves. Oh boy, we had phones. At any given time, I can safely say I had roughly $1900 worth of smartphones falling out of my pockets. From the trusty N8 for capturing the experience, to the unreleased Nokia X7, there were many a time when deciding on which device to use was more than a split-second decision.

If you spotted that slightly mangled iPhone 4 and felt a bit sad, I'd like to direct your attention to the 7 foot drop test featuring a Nokia C7 versus an iPhone 4.

When we weren't busy dropping phones, we played around for hours on an 18 station treetop rope course. We teetered and balanced on thin cables, swung on precariously perched ropes and finally zip-lined to terra firma.

It was a great mental and physical exercise, definitely worked up an appetite for a fine elk burger and set the tone for a relaxing horseback ride through the Bow Valley Provincial Park. A few hills, a couple valleys and a great view.

Of course there were many other activities peppered in through out the day. We took a stroll down by the river as well as learned how to saddle a horse, lasso and rope tricks and got great insight into the life of a rancher, in Cowboy College.

I got to hangout with some mobile phone aficionados, technology enthusiasts and social media mavens all weekend. We talked shop with some folks from Nokia Canada, providing feedback along with questions and concerns. Largest back pats to Tom and Donna from WOMWorld/Nokia for all the dedicated work. What seems like a weekend of fun for us, is no doubt stressful on a level I've never experienced.


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